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Re: kate as set apart editor?

On Thu, 01 Dec 2011 13:22:10 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

> Is it possible to use kate as set apart editor?

If the package manager is not preventing from doing so and you are 
installing all of the required packages and libraries, I'd say yes.
> Having moved from KDE to LXDE, I got diver problems w/ kate - its window
> parts (the editing area) are update only when cursor is moved, often, it
> crashes by simple opening 'Open File' dialog.


I would re-post this at "debian-kde" mailing list and wait for feedback.

The error messages you are seeing are very common for all of the KDE 
applications, nothing serious (KDE and GNOME are very verbose when you 
launch a GUI based app and there is something they don't like...).



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