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Re: Passwordless root shell is offered when boot problem occurs.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

>> Once mount error occurs while OS booting, I get root shell - w/o even
>> asking for password... 
>You mean "Busybox"? :-?

I do not know - it appears when something wrong during boot process.

>> How I can change the behavior (to ask for password before granting
>> root shell)?
>If you refer to busybox, AFAIK is not a pure root's shell but a self-
>contained, separated and limited environment to run some diagnostic
>tools within your machine so you can easily recover the system when
>something is broken.

That's good, but how I can provide password prompting? I remember in
past times there was a prompt for Ctrl-d to press and type root's

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