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Re: Trouble with remote rsyslog

On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:50:35 -0500, vr wrote:

> On 30.11.2011 12:49, Camaleón wrote:

>>> main.info             @
>>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^
>> (...)
>> Just thinking out loud... shouldn't that IP be the one of the
>> receiver's
>> host?
> oh crap... I had the SEND/RECEIVE IP's reversed in the email but they're
> right on the servers. Here's hopefully a clearer snip from each host,
> with the corrections mentioned so far, firewall confirmed off while
> testing to rule that out too, and rsyslog restarted at both nodes (and
> still not working):


Okay :-)

Then review the other user's comments on how to setup both, sending and 
receiving host and if you are sure your config files are correct but 
still not receiving nothing at the remote side, check the logs from both 



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