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Re: Detach Icedove from xterm itself called from terminal.

Em 01-12-2011 11:08, Chris Davies escreveu:
Paul Isambert<zappathustra@free.fr>  wrote:
But Icedove still stays attached to the first terminal...
Just to check, you want to be able to start icedove from the command
line in (say) an xterm, but have it continue to run even when that xterm
is closed? And you're not really interested in stdout/stderr.

I use thunderbird rather than icedove but this "just works" here:

     [xterm window]
     $ thunderbird&

     [wait for thunderbird to start]
     $ ^D # or "exit"

     [thunderbird continues to run]

I have a script that I use to start GUI applications
from the command line, which I've made available at

You would save it as "x" somewhere in your PATH ($HOME/bin, perhaps),
and make it executable (chmod a+x /your/path/to/x) and then use it
something like this:

     x icedove


Well, if you are willing to learn bash then what I would recommend is exactly what Chris said: you run an external script (whose first line would be #!/bin/bash) with the necessary commands to make exactly what you wanted.

I was trying to attempt a solution that does not use any external commands, but only now I realized that you are opening xterm, which would not be necessary.

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