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Re: VLC missing sound [solved]

On 01/12/11 09:41, Porcia Silvia wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 04:30:01 +0100
> Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>> One might ask what made 'PulseAudio Output' the default on this system?
>> Would need to know more about your "system" to answer that.... it's a
>> requirement in several meta-packages. Possibly your DE (you don't say
>> what you're running).
> I show Xfce V.4.8

4.8 includes a lot of modernisation (udev, GIO, PolicyKit and
ConsoleKit) to bring Xfce up to modern desktop framework standards - but
AFAIK not pulseaudio (yet).

task-xfce-desktop, (or the meta package xfce4), don't install pulseaudio...
Perhaps you selected something that required gnome-core?



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