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Re: Debian: A noob query

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 7:06 AM, Andrew Wood <a.j.w@me.com> wrote:

> Hi Sam


> I would whole heartedly recommend Debian. The problem with the other distros
> like Ubuntu, Fedora etc that try to be on the bleeding edge is that they
> tend to be buggy (and often slower) and each time a new release come out
> upgrading tends to break everything, and becasue they work on such a short
> life cycle (6 months between releases no matter what) you have to keep
> upgrading to get the latest security fixes etc but the 6 monthly deadline
> means stuff gets released before its ready.  Theyre great distros for
> developers who want to test out the latest technology but theyre not suited
> for desktop 'everyday' use even though unfortunatly thats how they market
> them, and I think Linux's reputation as a whole suffers as a result.

Yeah, I think you are right, they are unstable and each time a newer
version comes before anyone is addicted with the older one.

> Debian is a rock solid distro, after many years of using Linux on servers
> and the desktop and trying (and getting frustrated by) Fedora, Ubuntu &
> Linux Mint I've settled on Debian and found it to be pure quality.

Debian - yeas I heard of its rock solid stability! But I have not
heard of newbies using it, seems typical for them, so as a newbie
would it not be that difficult...? I am after all not a geek user!

> Ive not had any problems with hardware compatability (unlike Linux Mint &
> Fedora which Ive had headaches with to do with graphics) and as for not
> having the latest technology, its not that out of date, and what would you
> rather have - the absolute latest version which no one has tested (you're
> the tester!) or a version slightly behind the cutting edge which has been
> tried, tested and fixed?

Yeah, the great thing with Debian might be that it is stable and bug
free, so that's what the best part I guess.

> With regards to Firefox & Flash, I run the binary version of both which you
> can get from the firefox & adobe websites and they work together great.


> i would avoid gnash (the free reverse engineered flash implementation that
> debian and many linux distros ship) like the plague  - its buggy and
> basically just doesnt work, in fact I would remove it as soon as youve
> installed Debian (run    apt-get remove gnash     as root from the command
> line).

I don't know anything abt 'gnash'...., whatever be...But at least I am
happy that Debian is so stable and includes only the bug free items in
its package, the well tested before any integration that would
definitely be a plus point.

> you might need to manually install the fimware packages for some of your
> hardware with Debian (its not installed by default) which you dont need to
> do with other distros but its not difficult and the end result is worth it.

Lastly, I am confused, if using Debian and installing software is easy
or tough for noobs?


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