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Re: GNOME 3 extensions that mimic GNOME 2

On Sun, 2011-11-13 at 23:30 -0300, Carlo Borelli wrote:
> 2011/11/13 Kevin Ross <kevin@familyross.net>
>         I just found some extensions that give your desktop a GNOME 2
>         look and feel.  I guess it's kinda like fallback mode, but
>         fallback mode is supposedly only temporary.
>         All you need to do is extract the .tgz file into your home
>         folder, log out and log back in.  Easy peasy.  It's a
>         collection of 6 extensions.  They are all on by default, but
>         you can use gnome-tweak-tool to disable the ones you don't
>         want.
>         http://intgat.tigress.co.uk/rmy/extensions/index.html
> I don't get it, frankly, why all those ppl has that resistance to
> changes...
> Gnome 3 come and stay, so better explore it, keep it and see what has
> to offer.
> Why all those ppl wining and crying....

So we should use something that doesn't feature what we need? Eating the
soup with a fork is idiotic.

Did you already run top?

When everything is idle, sometimes 50% of the CPU are used, pardon, 50%
while ondemand of my 2.1 dual-core stays at 1 GHz. Anyway, that's not
good. My machine is a tuned realtime machine, when everything is idle it
should be 0.x% max.

- Ralf

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