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Re: Yikes, 140 held packages

On Jo, 10 nov 11, 04:56:08, Harry Putnam wrote:
> >
> > What are you using for updates, just the Update Manager or 
> > apt-get/aptitude?
> I've actually used both on occasion.  Are you suggesting I should run
> something in particular with an specific apt-get/aptitude command.
> Is there any other circumstance that would account for such a high
> count of held packages?  It is a high count at 140 right... or is that
> not so abnormal?

In testing and unstable it can happen that a safe-upgrade/upgrade is not 
enough, because sometimes packages just need to be removed. From what I 
recall even Update Manager suggests this when it's necessary.

I would suggest you run 'aptitude safe-upgrade' first and then try 
'aptitude full-upgrade'. Don't worry, aptitude will present all changes 
to you before applying. If you don't like or understand what you see 
just copy-paste it here and we'll have a look.

Hope this helps,
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