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Re: Debian install , need to add wireless firmware

On Du, 06 nov 11, 18:20:51, Brian wrote:
> 3. You can now boot Debian - we hope! Still no net access but you have
>    a working system which can do many things. One operation you want to
>    carry out is to mount the device which has Windows on it. Like so:
> 	mount /dev/sdaX /mnt
>    You want to do this because you are going to download quite a few
>    .deb files in Windows, transfer them to the Debian installation
>    using Debian and install them with dpkg. Have you bought that USB
>    stick yet?

Why so complicated? Just download the full DVD1 iso and loop-mount it 
under Debian. I only hope the Windows partition is not NTFS, because the 
base install does not contain ntfs-3g. One option would be to resize the 
Windows partition and create a small Fat32 partition for the DVD and 

Hope this helps,
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