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Re: Crazy (?) idea: screen locker with simpler password

Karl Vogel wrote:
>    If you don't add or delete a lot of accounts or modify /etc/passwd
>    frequently, could you change your password to the high-security one,
>    copy /etc/shadow to /etc/shadow.hi, then change it back and copy
>    /etc/shadow to /etc/shadow.lo?  Then your password-changer could be:
>      alias hisec='sudo cp -p /etc/shadow.hi /etc/shadow'
>      alias losec='sudo cp -p /etc/shadow.lo /etc/shadow'

An even simpler solution than mine of editing the file.  I like it. :-)

Very minor comment: I wouldn't think the -p would be necessary.  By
default the permissions will be preserved.  (shrug)  Just make sure
the source files have the proper permissions.

Add an application launcher widget to your desktop system tray using
the cp command above, one for each of two buttons, and then you can
switch between the two with a click of the mouse on one button control
or the other button control.


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