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Re: Understanding versioning.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Dan:

>First, don't think of second or fifth (per
>http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/epoch) senses of "epoch"--
>the _beginning_ of some period (the meaning used re Unix time).
>Think of the first or fourth senses--a _period_ of time.
>Then, think of a package version epoch as the period of time during
>which a coherent (i.e., ascending) sequence of version numbers is
>If such a period ends because, say because you issue a new version
>number that is lower than (and therefore seems older than) an older
>version number, a way to resolve the confusion is to declare that
>you have switched to using a new system of version numbers.

Yes, I got that. Just wanted more explanation on the matter - of course
I am not an expert in software development and in industrial scale,
therefore it seems to me to be weird having those "epoches" - for there
is number positioning in versions like a.b.c.d - each number saying
about how significant development progressed, and there is "-e.f"
saying about patches in a distro being applied.

But thank You, Dan, and all others that took Your time to make things
clearer to me.

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