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Re: server email

On 11/08/2011 08:32 AM, daniel brezai wrote:
> Unde pot gasi documentatie despre cum fac un server de retea (gateway si
> email) astfel incat clientii care sunt pe windows sa poate folosi
> programe gen Outlook 2003. M-am mai jucat cu linuxul, dar chestii de
> configurare de server si configurari "mai avansate' nu am facut. Timpul
> necesar  cautarii pe internet este destul de scurt, asadar am apelat la
> aceasta metoda.
> Multumesc anticipat,
> Daniel Brezai

Dear Daniel,

As you may have noticed, this list is English only. You may want to
subscribe to the localized version of it, or tell us your problem in
English. You can also check the local online communities, like the
local Debian forum at [1].

For the sake of the list, the message is all about building a box,
which will work as a gateway to internet and email server, so Windows
client can use stuff like Outlook 2003 (sic / ?!).

Though not a newcomer in Linux, he never did advanced configurations or
server setups, and he's mentioning him being also pretty short on free

So, dear list, I guess all we can do is point the man do documentation,
and require the needed setup's specs, maybe a quick fix would be

[1]: http://forum.debian-linux.ro

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