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Re: How to "ifdown ..." on squeeze?

Bob Proulx wrote:
Tom H wrote:
Dan B. wrote:

How does one take an interface down on squeeze?

The expected tool on a GNOME system would be by using the
NetworkManager GUI with the mouse or as Tom writes, 'nmcli' from the
command line.  Something like this:

  # nmcli conn down id 'Auto eth0'
  # nmcli conn up id 'Auto eth0'

(with a commented-out line:
 #NetworkManager#iface eth0 inet dhcp

For the background of that comment see the bug report here:


When NM controls your connections, NICs aren't defined in
"/etc/network/interfaces", by default; you can change that behavior by
changing the "managed" variable of the "ifupdown" section of

You can also use "nmcli" to take down and bring up your NIC.

My recommendation is to edit that commented out line and remove it
from NetworkManager's control and return it to ifupdown's control.
> ...

Thanks.  Yes, I'll probably take control back to normal Linux commands.


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