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Re: Debian install , need to add wireless firmware

On 11/06/2011 02:00 PM, rose perry wrote:
> Hello, I must clarify a few things,  I have no cd's no usb keys and im using the installer from google goodbye microsoft.
> I can't install from network because it can't detect my wireless card.  I have the firmware on my win XP partition but have no idea how
> to get it to the installer.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.
> Also is there a way to do a full install from xp parittion?

maybe you can run a virtual machine in windows, and make your
partitions there? Then you will have the option to install debian via
mount / debootstrap / chroot to install wifi driver.

1. create a virtual machine and add a virtual drive AND the physical
partition to it
2. install debian on the virtual drive
3. mount the real partition in e.g. /mnt/debian
4. install the OS using debootstrap (I have no doubt you can easily
find comprehensive guides on installing this way, be aware of the
requirements for doing this)
5. chroot to the installed system and cunstomize there, including the
bootloader (apt-get install grub && grub-update)
6. reboot and test it

NOTE that this is a purely experimental and untested situation, and if
you have no backup plan against a possible failure, I *strongly*
recommend to look for another method. I guess a good documenting period
before starting anything is more than required.
I ALSO PRESUME you have full wifi access on the win system, and the
necessary means of doing a proper virtual machine suitable for the
whole setup, including a way to ensure internet access from the virtual
THE RISK you are exposing this way is rendering you whole system
unusable unless you have the option to boot from a rescue disk or

Please don't hit me if it hurts you. It's up to you to dig after
further details. This is just a quick overview of the whole thing.


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