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Re: flashplugin-nonfree or mozilla-flashplugin?

Am Sonntag, 6. November 2011 schrieb Camaleón:
> On Sun, 06 Nov 2011 11:14:46 +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> > is there a difference between flashplugin-nonfree and
> > mozilla-flashplugin?
> I only know about the former. Where have you seen the other? :-?
> (searching...)
> Ah, it's from D-M.

Sorry my fault! Should have read more exactly, of course I meant flashplayer-
mozilla, not mozilla-flashplugin

And both seem to get the files directly from adobes site, too.

Ask correct, so the answer is correct. Hmmz.....



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