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Re: Can I insall from xp partition?

(putting reply back on the list)

On Fri, Nov 04, 2011 at 01:53:38PM -0700, rose perry wrote:
> It was an app running that made it slwo. I got 1,25 gigs of ram and a 2 gig cpu.
> that for the link.
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> From: Selim T. Erdogan <selim@alumni.cs.utexas.edu>
> To: rose perry <v0rtek@att.net>; debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Sent: Friday, November 4, 2011 3:49 PM
> Subject: Re: Can I insall from xp partition?
> (putting this back on the list)
> On Fri, Nov 04, 2011 at 12:46:18PM -0700, rose perry wrote:
> > OkI used the ubuntu windows installer and rebooted to ubuntu,  But it's 
> > painfully slow.  But they got wireless working.  No need for firmware.  
> The slowness could be due to low memory, which you mentioned in an earlier
> message.  How much memory do you have?  If you're using Gnome with little
> memory (say, 256MB) you'll be better off using a lighter desktop.  (Like
> lxde.)
> > Now how do I get debian on here?
> I haven't tried installing Debian from an existing GNU/Linux installation
> but there are instructions at
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch05s01.html.en#boot-initrd
> Don't know where you should put the firmware files but somebody else
> might.

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