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Re: Can I insall from xp partition?

rose perry,  2.11.2011:
> Hello I'm trying to install debian but the debian installer from goodbye microsoft does not work, Because
> my network card requires Firmware.  Nothing seems to work for me.  So Im going to try and dl a cd or 2 to 
> get it working, And install from XP if this is possible please let me know.  Maybe freeware version of VMware?
> But I think I remember this was possible without vmware?  As long as you had the data on xp.
> I have no cd's or dvd's or usb keys.  Im in the hospital with a broken leg and got another month or 2 here.
> I got other complications too.  So Im looking for a way to install debian the old fashion way.  But
> I can't remember how.  Any Advice or any thing would be greatly appreciated.  

I installed straight from MS Windows for somebody once.  It involved
downloading some files to the hard drive (in MS Windows), putting them
in a certain place, and then running an exe file.  Can't remember the 
exact details since it's been quite a while but AFAICR I just followed 
instructions in the Debian installation manual.

Looking around, I see that
has instructions.  It sounds like you need to download 
an installation image (iso file), which will contain the necessary files
(setup.exe and others).  I'm not sure how straightforward it is to get 
those files from the iso without writing it to a cd or usb stick, but 
somebody else might have suggestions on that.

About the firmware, if you can obtain the necessary files, maybe you can 
try copying it to the same place on the the hard drive that you copy 
the Debian installation stuff to.

I'm not sure what you mean by doing this with/without vmware.

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