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Re: creaing new 3.0.4 kernel in squeeze --kernel panic

Stephen Powell wrote:

> On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 21:02:56 -0400 (EDT), Sian Mountbatten wrote:
>> Thank you all for your helpful advice and info.
>> I am giving up on squeeze because I get so many problems with 
>> a series 3 kernel. I tried to download a kernel image from wheezy, 
>> got problems when I tried to install the Debian package. I tried
>> downloading and installing the dependencies, but putting a wheezy
>> kernel onto a squeeze system did not work. So I have now downloaded
>> the first DVD iso for wheeze and I shall try to install a series
>> 3 kernel for that release.
>> Again, thank you all for your help.
> I hope you have better luck with Wheezy.  I am running a custom-built
> 3.0.0 kernel on Wheezy right now, and I am not having any problems.
> There are often dependencies between the kernel releases and some
> other packages closely related to the kernel, such as initramfs-
> libc*, udev, etc.  I suspect you will do better with Wheezy.
I have now successfully installed wheezy on both my desktop and my
laptop. I am more than satisfied with the KDE desktop and all the
apps which are available.

Thank you all for your time and interest.

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