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Re: GDM Problems

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011 17:11:30 -0400, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:

> I updated Debian and was given the choice to pick gdm or gdm3.  I picked
> gdm3. At this point, neither gdm or gdm3 work.  

What's exactly what is failing? You can't login at all, GDM3 does not 
start or...?

> I have switched to xfce, which I do not like.  Is there any way either
> to make gdm3 operable or revert to gdm.

You don't need to use a specific login manager, you can use whatever you 
prefer despite the desktop environment you are using (GNOME, KDE, 
XFCE...). I mean, you can use KDM or XDM for login into GNOME.

I'm not sure if you can restore the old gdm once you have selected gdm3. 
Anyway, gdm2 will be deprecated sooner or later so I would put my 
energies in making gdm3 works as it should :-)

The default login manager is configured from "/etc/X11/default-display-
manager" file, at least in lenny.



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