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Re: Problem installing an init script with "insserv"

Robert Latest wrote:
> I'm trying to have the script (below) run automatically at each system
> shutdown. But it is never called, neither on startup nor on shutdown.
> I ran insserv on it and it worked without errors. It also seems to
> have the correct links installed:
> dh@dotcom:/etc$ find . -name '*dupba*' -printf '%p %l\n'
> ./rc5.d/K01dupbackup ../init.d/dupbackup
> ./rc2.d/S01dupbackup ../init.d/dupbackup
> ./init.d/dupbackup
> dh@dotcom:/etc$
> So why doesn't this work?

Shutdown should go through runlevel 6 not 5.  Change that to 6 and it
should happen at shutdown time.

But that doesn't explain why it isn't running at startup.  And if it
isn't happening at start then it probably still won't be happening at
stop either.



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