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Re: Is there an equivalent of wireless-xxxx using iw rather then iwconfig

On Wednesday 26 Oct 2011, Camaleón wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Oct 2011 16:18:20 +0100, David Goodenough wrote:
> > On Wednesday 26 Oct 2011, Camaleón wrote:
> (...)
> >> > AFAIK, ifupdown is a Debian specific package - kernel devs are hardly
> >> > responsible for documenting it.
> >> 
> >> Are you sure? :-)
> >> 
> >> I'm only aware of two ways for setting up ethernet network interfaces
> > 
> > I am talking about Wireless interfaces, NOT ethernet ones.
> Yes, but I was not replying to you ;-)
> >> (today) in Linux systems: one if using the old method (ifup/ifconfig)
> >> and other is using networkmanager. And both are not Debian-centric,
> >> I've also used them in openSUSE, for instance.
> >> 
> >> Anyway, whatever method is proposed by iw devels should be docummented
> >> so users and distributions can adapt it to their needs, don't you
> >> think?
> > 
> > iw is very well documented, and it is available on Debian (has been for
> > years).  Its like the difference between ifconfig and ip, ifconfig is
> > now deprecated (still exists but you should use the new one) and ip
> > which gives all the new facilities.  The same applies to iwconfig (the
> > old one) and the newer iw.
> Let me ask you again... what specific setup configuration options are you
> missing from the current available tools to setting up your wireless
> adapters in Debian?
It is possible to hand code, using the explicit iw commands, all the things
I want to do, BUT it is long winded, difficult to read, and if for instance
I change an interface name (say wlan0 to wlan1) I have to change all the
references in the commands, and Sods Law says I will miss one.

The wireless_XXX aliases provide a shorthand and also hide things like 
making sure the right interface is passed to the right command.  I am 
looking for an equivalient which allows me to use the new facilities
in the iw command (such as configuring mesh networks) which can not
be encoded using either iwconfig or wireless_XXX.

Its not that it can not be done, it is that the "Debian Way(TM)" seems
to be to use these aliases (and the wireless_XXX one is not the only one)
and there is no alias (that I can find) that uses iw and therefore enables
the facilities that I am trying to define.

> Greetings,

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