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Re: Gnome 3 and VirtualBox

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 19:48:52 +0100, José Silva wrote:

> Ok, I've just upgraded to Gnome 3, very smoothly I must say, and I think
> I like it, after a couple of hours operating on my production machine.
> Now, just noticed my first operating problem. I must run a Windows cad
> application in VirtualBox. On Gnome 3 + Compiz, 

You meant GNOME "2" + Compiz, right? :-)

> I just used to place this on another desktop at fullscreen, and just
> dragged the mouse to the screen edge and let Compiz switch to the other
> desktop when I needed to. That was one of the many ways Compiz had to
> switch desktops but this was the one I was used to.
> With Gnome 3, to start, I don't know how to switch to another desktop if
> I am in VirtualBox fullscreen. Windows absorbs the Windows key, of
> course, which is also the Gnome 3 hot key, and the top left screen
> corner is occupied by VB. Does anyone know?


Hmm... good question. 

I have not tried it but (in theory :-P) it should be the same. The 
application you need to run from VB can be placed in a second workspace 
and switching between workspaces can be done in gnome-shell by means of 
"Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down arrow".

OTOH, there is also the fallback mode which should work the same as it 
did in GNOME 2.



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