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Re: grub-install fails an RAID1

Am Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011 schrieb Ad L.:
> Regardless of the possibility to use the space, I ALWAYS leave the
> first cylinder of a disk unused (aligning partitions to cylinder
> boundaries). I find the idea of using the first cylinder for "optimal"
> space usage a bit ridiculous, to be honest. With thousands of
> cylinders on a disk, if not more, a single unused cylinder doesn't
> matter all that much (we're talking about 8032.5 Kilobytes here). And
> keeping it (and maybe the last one) free means these problems simply
> don't turn up at all, with over 7MBytes available for the bootloader.
> Is there any boot loader available that would use need much?

Better align to 1 MiB boundaries as newer fdisk versions do with -c, newer 
parted version do and I think gdisk does too.

This should cover alignment issues on SSDs, softraids and harddisks with 4 
KiB sectors.

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