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Re: debian vs. wide-dhcpv6-client

On 11/10/11 16:18, Raf Czlonka wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 02:37:40PM BST, Wawrzek Niewodniczanski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I wonder if you have any expirence how to set up a interface in
>> /etc/network/interfaces to pick up IPv6 address using wide dhcpv6
>> client. It seems that I can have static and DHCP for IPv4, but only
>> static for IPv6.
> iface eth0 inet dhcp
>     pre-up modprobe ipv6
>     post-up /etc/init.d/wide-dhcpv6-client start
>     pre-down /etc/init.d/wide-dhcpv6-client stop
> Ifupdown doesn't support ipv6 DHCP as of yet.
> Regards,

dhcp use should be governed by the flags Managed and Other in the
received RAs.

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