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Re: OT: laptop choice

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011 12:01:00 +0100
Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:


> Having said that, I'm moderately impressed with Acer, I have a
> five-year-old laptop which was the cheapest available then, and which is
> still going strong, albeit with a bit more RAM and a bigger drive than
> it started with. I have an Acer netbook which was a reburbished product,
> and it had an intermittent fault. Once this was actually fixed, it's
> done a couple of years with no problems. It also came with Linpus,
> which is based on Fedora and not really as terrible as many people say,
> once you break out of the kindergarten user interface. I dumped it in
> favour of Ubuntu Netbook when it turned out not to have iptables
> modules built in, and I didn't feel like building a new kernel on
> exotic hardware in an unfamiliar OS. In terms of build quality, I have
> no complaints about Acer. I'd put them at least up with the cheaper
> Dell and HP products.

As with most of these sorts of hardware reviews, YMMV. I've had an Acer
(Aspire 3690) for the last half dozen or so years; I need a new machine,
and I'm pretty firmly decided that it won't be another Acer. I've had
various hardware problems with the machine all along: CD/DVD drive has
been broken for a while, keyboard is cheap and flimsy feeling, and one
or two keys have been coming off, and recently the display has been

Of course, some of this may be expected after the half dozen years of
ownership I've had, but the keyboard and CD issues have been present
for years, and the build quality never seemed that great to me,
although I'm no expert. FWIW, this was a bottom of the barrel machine
when I bought it.

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