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Re: nvidia-problems

Am Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011 schrieb Camaleón:
> On Sat, 08 Oct 2011 15:48:18 +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> > Me again.
> Good, but better keep all the postings in the same thread or at least
> change the subject ;-)

Sorry, my fault. Accidently deleted the last mail. So the subject was gone.

> > I found it now: See /usr/share/doc/nvidia-kernel-source/NEWS.Debian.gz
> > where you can read, that legacy cards are no more supported since
> > version 177.80-1. I excamined the further changelog, so it looks like I
> > still have to use legacy drivers - despite what Nvidias tells. So, am I
> > wrong or are they?
> Hans, can you please tell us *what file* is that so we can read what it
> says?

Yes, likely! The file I read belonges to the package "nvidia-kernel-source", 
you find it in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-kernel-source.

Please allow me to add the related content:

nvidia-graphics-drivers (177.80-1) unstable; urgency=low

  LEGACY GPUs: If you have a GeForce FX (any model), GeForce PCX (any model),
  Quadro FX 330/500/600/700/Go700/1000/Go1000/1100/1300/2000/3000,
  Quadro NVS 280 PCI, Quadro NVS 280 PCI-E, i.e., any GPU based on the
  NV30/NV31/NV34/NV35/NV36/NV37/NV38 chips or a variant thereof,
  DO NOT INSTALL THIS RELEASE!!!  Use the nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx,
  nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-dev, nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source packages

 And additionally my output of lspci:

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV36.1 [GeForce FX 5700 
Ultra] (rev a1)

It is NV36.1, and (moah, shame on me!!!) , I just see, it is not GF7300, but 
GF 5700!!! 

> > Now I am really confused!

I AM confused!

> So it seems!
> Your card is not "legacy", nvidia legacy cards are those of < GeForce
> 6xxx series :-)

....and it is legacy, sigh! So I really need the legacy drivers, which cannot 
be build as I described in my very first post.

> Greetings,

With great shame


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