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Re: Help! Can't log in as self

Well, that was wierd.

I experimented with every possible thing, and finally, i moved my .xsession file out of the way and that did it.
It was a new file, but it contained only the line "xset b 0", and I dont know why this would cause the entire
start to crash.

But i seem to be back in business!


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> Sent: Friday, October 7, 2011 7:19 PM
> Subject: Help! Can't log in as self
> Im running Xfce4 on Debian testing. I recently rebooted the machine, and i didnt 
> intentionally make any changes
> to anything that i think would be relevant. On reboot, I was not able to log in 
> as my usual user; i get to the Xfce
> "Welcome to [machine name]" screen, and enter my username/password, 
> and it hangs for a sec and returns.
> Logging in as root i tried to reset the password of this account, but it had no 
> effect. I created a test user, and this user 
> WAS able to log in.
> I cant find anything useful in the logs. There's nothing in 
> /var/log/messages that seems relevant. In auth.log
> i just see three lines, "pam_unix(xdm:session): session opened for user 
> [foo] by [foo](uid=0)", something from 
> pam_cd_connector, and then "pam_unix(xdm:session): session closed for user 
> [foo]". The only thing is that user 
> [foo] is uid=1000, not uid=0, but the test user had the same thing, so this 
> can't be it. There's nothing that seems
> relevant in xdm.log.
> What might this be, and where can I look? 
> Thanks!
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