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Re: [OT] Imperial measures

On 7 October 2011 00:59, Weaver <weaver@riseup.net> wrote:

>> but I'll bet not one in a thousand has ever heard of a gill.
>> (BTW, Wiki says to say "jill.")  4 oz. is 1/4 of a US pint.
>> The Artha thesaurus-cum-dictionary has this to say:
>> *****************
>> gill ~ noun    uncommon
>>   1. a British imperial capacity unit (liquid or dry) equal to
>>       5 fluid ounces or 142.066 cubic centimeters
>>   2. a United States liquid unit equal to 4 fluid ounces
>> *****************
>> 5 fl.oz. is 1/4 of an Imperial pint.

Ash's Dictionary (1775)

"Gill (s. from the barbarous Lat. gilla) A liquid measure containing
the fourth part of a pint."

I haven't looked up "pint" for fear it might tell me that it is a
liquid measure containing four gills!


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