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Re: imap with claws mail problem

On Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:04:48 +0100, richard2 wrote:

> having to send from my laptop still with evo as claws mail goes the the
> google all mail box which has 34000 messages in and tries to filter or
> some thing, its takes over half hour each time it goes to fetch mail. I
> use imap on my android phone and the laptop and both only look a the
> google inbox and not the other folders. Why virginmedia went to using
> google mail I dont know :(. Any ideas how I can stop it behaving this
> way and just checking the inbox only

Richard, I know nothing about Claws Mail but there is a detailed article 
at their site about setting up Gmail with their MUA, have you already 
checked it?


And some additional (and useful) info and tips on how Google's IMAP works:


OTOH, I dunno how Claws manages this, but usually you can also select [x] 
what IMAP sub-folders you want to keep synced (subscribed) with and "/
All" folder is something to avoid in this case, of course :-)



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