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Re: [OT] British vs. American English

consul tores wrote:
> i am from El Salvador of America, but we do not take "America" only
> for us; maybe it is related to common sense! or maybe low knowledge of
> Geography. it is the same with North America without Mexico.

In the 18th century a citizen of the USA (or of one of the colonies
early on) would have self-identified as a Virginian, Pennyslvanian, etc.
His European friends, however, would have introduced him as an
American.  On the other hand someone from Central or South America would
have identified himself as Spanish or French or English no matter how
long his family had been managing that plantation.

Lisi writes:
> Maybe we should coin an adjective.  USian perhaps?

And you can be EUian.
John Hasler

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