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Re: Mailers

On Sun, 02 Oct 2011 14:18:57 +0100
Richard Bown <richard.bown@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi
> me again
> Up to about a year ago I was using Claws Mail which has some very nice
> filter capabilities, expire on age in folders for instance.
> I moved to Evo as Claws would crash and freeze the whole machine, That
> was using Fedora,
> Has anyone had any problems with Claws mail crashing ?, it would do
> this regularly when filtering. If its stable in squeeze I might go
> back to it.as the Evo annoys me with it max 80 characters /line

No, 3.7.10 on sid is still fairly flaky. I don't use filters much, but
occasionally my ISP cannot seem to provide bodies for all its news
headers, and Claws takes this rather personally, as it does a sudden
loss of Internet connectivity.

I've never known it to affect the rest of the machine, it just rather
obviously loses all the 'read' flags it has collected, which is not
funny after a long session with a busy newsgroup.

But it's *fast*.


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