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Re: More USB install-images please!

On 27/09/2011 19:28, Steve McIntyre wrote:
jan.olav@agle.no wrote:
I sometimes install Debian on machines belonging to family and friends.
On my latest install I tried the boot.img.gz on an USB-stick. It failed
halfway trough, complaining about a missing suitable ISO-image. Not
wasting time, I dd'ed the netinstall iso onto the stick and installed.

As far as I know, the debian- is the ONLY one
that can be used on both USB and CD-rom. Why not give
debian- the same functionality???? The
netinstall-image install requires much time on slow lines.

I HAVE tried dd'ing debian- to a stick. It will
not boot. Didn't expect it to do either. Had to try.
Then there's most likely a problem with your BIOS I'm afraid. For both
amd64 and i386, the first disc in *every* set is created using
iso-hybrid options to make it work both on CD/DVD as well as on USB:


As normal, I ran lots of tests when I created the images for,
but just to make sure 100% that things are OK I've just downloaded
debian- onto a USB stick. It booted just fine on
an i386 netbook here.

Have you tried unetbootin to write iso to stick.
I used it a few times and it worked every time.
Install it with apt-get.
Johan S

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