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Re: 100% used / file system. Help!

May I suggest the following.  From the other posts you know that there is 
slack space on the drive (5% of the drive) that is reserved for the root user 
to be able to log in and get things back in order.

How about this: reboot the system into single user mode and run fsck on the 
drive.  First things first.  Let's see if the drive is healthy.

Healthy?  Good!  Now log in as root and go to your /var/log directory.  Do an 
"ls" to see how many levels of backups of the logs are kept and rm all of the 
backup log files.  

Now that you have some room to play with....Here is something that I just 
found on my server....
cd into /etc/logrotate.d
run this command as root:

I was surprised to find that my logs were not being rotated because there were 
duplicate config files (with different names) in the directory and logrotate 
won't work until there are no duplicates.  Just to be clear, it was the 
contents of the files that were duplicated, not the file names.  You will see an 
error message when you manually run the logrotate command if you have this 


On Tuesday 20 September 2011 10:31:26 am Lisi wrote:
> I have accidentally filled something, that I shouldn't have, on my root
> directory, and have now got a 100% usage of the disk containing my /. 
> This is causing me problems.  (Now there's a surprise!!)
> I have no backup of my /.  Yes, I know.  I deserve everything I've got. 
> But now that I have been given my just deserts, can any kind soul come to
> my rescue?  I would be so grateful....  I may, of course, just have to
> reinstall. :-(
> Lisi

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