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Re: Debian Policy questions

On Ma, 12 iul 11, 00:33:18, shawn wilson wrote:
> i'm not the op (obviously) however, would it be possible to override a
> package's dependancies using apt-file with specific prerequisites? ie,
> if i wanted to tell every package that required libc6 to go ahead and
> install ignoring libc6 (knowing that i'd eventually break every new
> package) could i?
> ps, fork this thread if there's a line of discussion, but i'm pretty
> sure i know the answer. just thought it would be cool and figured i'd
> confirm (and it's going along his same thought i think)

For the archives: not sure about apt (definitely not apt-file, that is 
for searching specific files), but dpkg does have the options your think 
of. As usual 'man dpkg' is a good start ;)

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