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Re: RAR/ apt-get Question

RiverWind wrote:
> Whilst trying to get and install the rar file compression utility,
> I encountered a bit of an interesting  obstacle. It seems that this
> file is either obsolete and hence no longer supported by Linux, or
> something else of that nature has made this application unavailable
> via mainstream measures.

The 'rar' program is nonfree.  The program is shareware and you must
register it after 40 days of use.  Because it is nonfree it cannot be
part of any free software distribution.  In particular it cannot be
part of Debian because it does not meet the Debian Free Software
Guidelines.  The problem is legal not technical.

> I have several radio plays, books and documentaries that have been
> compressed using rar, so I therefore don't quite know what to do in
> order to process these particular files so they can be played by my
> media utilities. Here is the error message that the "apt" command
> returned.

It was compiled and packaged in the Lenny timeframe in the nonfree
section.  You can still install the Lenny version.  Here is a URL for
the Lenny package page.


You can download the package for Debian 32-bit i386 from one of the
mirror locations listed at this following URL.


Then install the deb file using this command:

  dpkg -i rar_3.8b3-1_i386.deb

And similarly for the "unrar" package.

Due to the licensing issues as soon as possible I suggest that you
move all of your content out of the problematic rar files and into
different containers.

Since you say media and since most media formats are already
compressed then there is no need to try to compress them again.  Being
a free software advocate I suggest using a free software container
such as a tar file.


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