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Re: Bug in Debian installer

於 2011年09月14日 02:45, Bob Proulx 提到:
> spp mg wrote:
>> I install Debian( amd64) to a old HDD.This HDD has a lvm
>> partition,it's creat by Fedora installer.
>> I can't delete this lvm partition in intaller,it's display about "lvm
>> is busy..." ,even if I delete all Logical Volume and restart
>> installer.
>> Finally, I delete lvm partition by other PC.....
>> It's a bug ,right?
> It sounds like it automatically started the lvm subsystem due to the
> presence of the lvm partitions.
> Does it give you the option to Configure LVM?  I believe it should.
> If so then you can go into that menu and delete the lvm configuration
> there.
> Bob
Hi,It has "Configure the Logical Volume Manager",but it only has "delete
volume group"

I playback this problem in my virtual machine.
First,choose "Guided partitioning" in "partition disk" step .
Now,my disk partition look like this:
LVM LG debian, LV root - 20.3 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)
#1 20.3 GB f ext3 /
LVM LG debian, LV swap_1 - 914.4 MB Linux device-mapper (linear)
#1 914.4 MB f swap swap
Virtual disk 1 (vda) - 21.5GB Virtio Block Device
#1 primary 254 MB B f ext2 /boot
#5 logical 21.2 GB k lvm
Now,I want delete lvm(vda5),but it display "partition in use" .So I
enter "Configure the Logical Volume Manager" this entry,and delete all
volume group.But it still display "partition in use",even if I restart

I know a only way can use this PC to solve problem.
Enter the shell and use fdisk to delete lvm partition(vda5),and return
"partition disk" step.
But,this way is dirty,I think.

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