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Re: debian 6 usb 3 ready ???

On 12/09/2011 16:10, Camaleón wrote:
On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 09:25:54 +0200, Johan Scheepers wrote:

Tried to install Debian 6 on usb drive via USB 3 port. Could not see the
drive so tried on USB 2 port, went ok.
Logs and bug report number? These things need to be properly reported>;-)

After installation it worked on USB 3 but when connected an other usb
drive in the 2nd usb3 port debian froze while the drive was loading.

Froze so bad that I had to disconnect the internal batt. The swith off
had no affect.

This now happened twice.
If you still did not done it, I'd report it. USB 3 support has been in
mainline kernel for some time ago (IIRC, since 2.6.31 when it was first
added xHCI).

Should I rather run debian via usb2 ports. My laptop have 2xusb2 and
2xusb3 ports. Debian has a nice gnome desktop and it connects without
hassels to my huawei modem.
Hope that debian won't change to some rather difficult desktop After
some use I want to move debian to my internal drive. That is were ubuntu
now resides.

Running ubuntu 11.04 without any trouble but the way the gnome/unity is
going I am looking for the gnome desktop as it is at this moment.
Mmm... Ubuntu 11.04 ships a newer kernel (2.6.38 vs. 2.6.32) so maybe you
could try to load a higher kernel in your Debian to check for any
improvement in USB 3 support :-?


Good day Camaleón,

Installing a higher kernel - slightly beyond me.

Running her with debian 6 on usb3 and backup drive in usb 2.

So far so good.
Thanks for advice.
Johan S


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