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Re: System powers off randomly

> Hello List,
> I'm running a Xen Host on Debian Stable. The architecture is amd64 and
> I'm using the standard Xen amd64 Kernel.
> The system is running on an Asrock E350M1 with the AMD e350 processor
> (dualcore, 1,6GHz) and two memory modules with 4GB each.
> The system was installed in April an was running fine. Then about two
> month ago from today a Kernel update was released, which I installed and
> rebooted the machine. From this point on the system crashes every now
> and than.

  This is almost certainly a hardware fault of some kind.

  One simple test you may be able to try, if your security policy
permits it, is to revert to the kernel you were using earlier, and see
if the problem goes away.  My guess is that you will find the random
shut-downs will continue, but there is no substitute for trying it.

								-- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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