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Re: Hard drive bad sector warning

On Fri, 09 Sep 2011 22:50:39 +1000, yudi v wrote:

> Disk utility tells that there are bad sectors on the new hard drive.

"New" driver with bad sectors? 

What is the output of "smartctl -a /dev/sda"
> I had the same issue before and I was about to send it back to get it
> replaced. I wrote random data to the drive and then checked once more to
> make sure it had bad sectors. This time Disk utility came back saying
> that the drive is fine, no bad sectors.
> So I reinstalled Debian and Win 7 with the same configuration. After
> installing again I checked the drive and Disk utility reported no bad
> sectors. I have been using it for over a month and now I have the same
> problem. Disk utility reports that there are bad sectors.
> I am not sure what's going on.
> How can I conclusively confirm that this disk has bad sectors?


I'd use the manufacturer's disk utility to run a deep offline SMART test. 
But to be sincere, I would simply request for a hard disk replacement, 
you will rest more relaxed after that :-)



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