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Re: Mistype into shell..........

On 2011-09-08 07:59 +0200, Charlie wrote:

> Something that happens occasionally, how do I get out of it without
> killing the shell?
> Sometimes I type something, slip and ahead of the command I type a
> character accidentally like '.
> The shell responds with >

It's called the PS2 prompt (consult your bash manual for details),
indicating that the command is incomplete and more input is needed (in
this case, the closing quote).

BTW, zsh is a bit smarter than bash here and indicates what type of
completion it wants:

| % for file in /bin/true
| for> do            
| for> echo "$file 
| for dquote> " '
| for quote> foo'
| for> done
| /bin/true
| foo

> I can type anything I want into that shell and it responds with >
> How do I get out of that without killing the shell and bringing up a
> new one?

Insert the closing quote to complete the command or type Ctrl-C to
cancel it.


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