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Re: [OT]: viewable/ printable scheduler/ calendar

On 09/07/2011 04:44 AM, AG wrote:

Actually, after playing around with Osmo for a while and trying to
figure things out (it is very poorly documented and setting up
recurrences took ages trawling through mail lists) and checking out
Chandler (a cross-platform PIM app) I have opted to go with Korganizer.
It is a little bloated, being part of the KDE family, but has a system
notification icon, shows the views that I want, is pretty intuitive to
use and has an easy to figure out recurrence setting.

So, FWIW, this seems to have been what I was after all along ... go
figure! Anyway, as always, many thanks for the suggestions and good luck
in sorting out your own needs Gilbert.



Poorly documented? I don't I found any docs at all -- not that I've looked very hard as of yet. I like to learn about an application by exploring its interface, and I have to admit that osmo -- as attractive as it is -- incorporates what seems to me like some odd departures from conventions commonly used in calendar applications. Nonetheless, I find it intriguing enough to explore.

Congratulations of finding something that you like. I can never quite bring myself to install anything that drags in very many gnome or kde dependencies, so I'll probably stick with either iceowl or osmo.


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