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Re: [OT]: viewable/ printable scheduler/ calendar

On 06/09/11 17:00, Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 06 Sep 2011 16:16:27 +0100, AG wrote:

On 05/09/11 17:04, Hendrik Boom wrote:
On Mon, 05 Sep 2011 10:39:44 +0100, AG wrote:

Hi list

I am looking for a calendar/ scheduler that will have the following

Any recommendations from others on this list about an application that
will meet my four criteria?
I use GPE Calendar.  It runs on my Nokia N800, and seems to have the
properties you want.  Not sure how it interacts with Gnome or Xfce,

Thanks Hendrik

This would be for laptop and desktop systems.

I have searched through the Debian packages and don't even see where
such applications would be listed.

Any other ideas/ recommendations?
How about "osmo"?


It looks very compact and I can see a printer icon on the menu bar :-)

I personally use Lightning for such tasks but Iceowl -the standalone
counterpart calendar app available in Debian- can be very big for your
purposes :-?


Cheers Camaleón - I had never heard of Osmo and it seems to meet all of my criteria, so will give it a trial run and see how we get on.

Thanks a lot.


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