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Re: Rescuing ancient laptops into emulation.

Hendrik Boom wrote:
> I can probably find a small enough Linux Live CD system to boot on it and 
> use the sshfs or NFS o copy the entire hard drive over the ethernet 
> connection.  But recommendations would be very welcome.

Personally since I am a hardware type of guy I would pull the hard
disk and mount it directly on another machine and dd the contents
since that would be fastest.  But if that seems difficult at all then
by all means boot a live cd and copy the contents over the network.
The result would be exactly the same.

> Any suggestions as to what emulators are up to the challenge?  Or better 
> ways of accomplishing the whole project?

I would look at Virtual Box.  It is very easy to get going using it.


It is packaged for Debian.  In Squeeze it is virtualbox-ose and in
Wheezy / Sid the package has transitioned to be named simply



The Debian wiki has a useful bit of documentation on it.

> And would I have to rescue just the files or make an entire block-by-
> block hard drive image?  And would that image have to be in any 
> (preferably documented?) form?

I would image the hard drive.  At 2G it is small by today's standards.
Having the full image would be the safest way to go.  You can always
subsequently mount the drive in loopback mode and pull individual
files off of it.


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