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Rescuing ancient laptops into emulation.

The ancient laptop in question has about 24M main memory, a 2G hard 
drive, a plug-in floppy drive, a CD drive, and a 10Mhz coaxial ethernet 
PCMCIA card.  (Remember those?)
The hard drive will probably fail one of these years.  I'm surprised it 
hasn't already.
It runs an ancient Windows system, probably Windows 95.

I can probably rig up enough hardware on another machine to talk to its 

I can probably find a small enough Linux Live CD system to boot on it and 
use the sshfs or NFS o copy the entire hard drive over the ethernet 
connection.  But recommendations would be very welcome.

Getting the bits is only the first problem, though.  Quite a few of those 
files are in file formats that can only be understood by the Windows 
software that also resides on that machine.

Oh, the machine also contains one of my favourite legacy video games.

I'd like to run all that in emulation (or otherwise (any suggestions?)) 
on one of my new. shiny Debian boxes.

Any suggestions as to what emulators are up to the challenge?  Or better 
ways of accomplishing the whole project?

And would I have to rescue just the files or make an entire block-by-
block hard drive image?  And would that image have to be in any 
(preferably documented?) form?

-- hendrik

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