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Re: Holiday Project for my job

>1.  Which distro to use?  I've used Mint before in a similar setting
>(and was pleased) but I'm now stuck with 6 year old Dells with almost no
>video acceleration and .5 G memory each.  I'm thinking XFCE with Mint or
>Xbuntu, but am open to others (even a stock debian install which I use
>on my home machine) but I will not be able to update unless I do so
>manually (which a CD or thumbdrive).

>2.  How do I 'clone' the machine to a CD or, preferably, a thumb drive
>so I can install the same configuration to all machines (limiting menu
>options, put in educational games, add openoffice or libreoffice, etc.)?

Another option would be to roll your own with Debian live ( http://live.debian.net/ ) and add the packages you want.  If you're going to do that, stable is the easiest distro to use.

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