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trying to install debian in a multi-boot install and two failures.  over wrote MBR in both cases,  deleted partitions and
started over.
have a computer booting windows xp prof and fedora15, now working again.
got to the points in installation to choose did not choose to write to MBR and got other choinces like (hda0,2), and (hda0,5) but got
error message that could not write to that device.
windows on sda1
extented on sda2
linux  swap on sda5
fedora on sda6
tried debian on sda7
debian partition currently blank but system now working to boot
windows and fedora.
so at the boot partition point what choices should I make?
I know the boot on the fedora went to the MBR and the others subsequent installs
the boot has to be in the root of that partition...had centos5 working but decided to
investigate debian.  successfully installed the centos in the partition and installed the boot
in the root of that partition...all worked fine.
so is debian different here?  the choices I was presented with was as stated above in the
format of hdfa rather than sda as it appeared in the install choices.
thanks in advance for your help.
would like to get some experience with debian and get it working with the multi-boot with
windows, fedora, and debian.

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