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Re: Building the kernel myself


> To each his own.  If you're happy with "make deb-pkg", then use it.
> I still prefer make-kpkg because of its greater flexibility.  (I only
> get a headers package if I ask for one, for example.  Most of the
> time I don't need one.)  I also like the ease with which one can
> change the kernel version and the kernel revision.
Sure, it's always great to have the choice for whatever tool you want :) (e.g. 
I always need the header package as I got two DKMS-built modules)

> However, regardless of whether you use "make deb-pkg" or make-kpkg,
> you may find useful kernel-building information on the above web page.
> For example, the hook scripts (zy-symlinks) come in handy for users
> of boot loaders that use symbolic links, such as lilo, zipl, etc.
> The above page does discuss "make deb-pkg", although it is not the
> primary focus.
I will definitely read it, thanks.

> P.S.  Please don't top post.
Sorry, I usually don't - I will be more careful in the future.

Kind regards,

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