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Re: sources.list directory specification

> On 2 September 2011 01:13, <rlharris@hal-pc.org> wrote:
>> I am trying to compose a sources.list file for each of three machines;
>> one is for Lenny (oldstable), one is for Squeeze (stable), and one is
>> for Wheezy (testing).

My thanks to Camaleón, Tom H, and Heddle Weaver for helping me get around
this obstacle which had me stumped.  (Farmers use the term "stumped" to
describe the situation in which the ploughshare (that is, the blade of the
plough) embeds itself in a tree stump in the field.)  Sometimes just
getting going again is more important than attaining a complete

netselect-apt is a nifty package of which I previously was unaware.


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