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A courier FAM/Gamin error and an IMAP client


recently we have installed Debian Squeeze, and set up Postfix
+ courier for purposes of testing client-side e-mail filter
on a Windows client station.  The server is supposed to provide
about 16 accounts with prepared e-mails while the client application
(SeaMonkey on Windows 7 amd64) is configured to download messages
from 8 accounts via POP3 and from 8 accounts via IMAP.

The amount of e-mails is really huge (about 240k), Client is
supposed to download all this non-interactively, say, within
30 hours or so.

The issue I'm concerned is happening even without our filter. From
my gut feeling, it's more about courier---it should be same issue
for any other client on any other OS.

For each IMAP folder, first time SeaMonkey accesses this folder
within one client session, rather cryptic error is returned:

"Filesystem notification initialization error -- contact your mail
administrator (check for configuration errors with the FAM/Gamin

(Strange thing is that I haven't found anyting in mail.log about

The client seems to download list of messages correctly, though,
but its behavior kind of hinders the non-interactivity testing:
you have to click through all these messages, if you want SeaMonkey
to download all e-mails.

From what I have found out, one can get rid of this by installation
of gamin package.  But there's dependency problem: gamin needs
libgamin0, but libgamin0 conflicts libfam0.  I'd rather know
more about it before I mess up anything.

Now the questions:

  - Is it safe, in sense of possible discrepancies (losing any
    undelivered e-mails, delivering e-mails twice, or hindering
    performance) to exchange libfam0 for gamin+libgamin0?

  - From the point of client, what is the real meaning and
    severity of this message?  I can't see a reason why client
    should bother as long as IMAP works. Isn't it a bug in
    SeaMonkey that it concerns about this at all?

  - Wouldn't it be better if courier would be installed
    with gamin in the first place?

Thanks to all just for reading up to this point. :)
I hope I'll be able to thank you once more for any
ideas, pointers...

Alois Mahdal

P.S.: OT: I have already realized that for testing, SeaMonkey
was definitely not a lucky choice, and decided to find an
alternative client.  So if you had any tips, I'd appreciate.
Yes it's Windows, so it's really an off-topic, but still
there's a chance your favorite client is ported :)
Keywords are: easily distributable configuration, pop3,
imap, smtp, client-side rules, transparent mail storage,
good logging and reliability (that's the most important).
Also, strong CLI would be a huge advantage.

Alois Mahdal, using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/mail/

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