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Re: root path change

On 08/30/2011 10:43 AM, Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 30 Aug 2011 10:02:58 -0700, Paul Scott wrote:

About a week ago 'sudo aptitude' stopped working because /sbin and
/usr/sbin are no longer on the path.  Is this possible a recent security
improvement?  Aptitude works fine if I use "su -" instead of sudo.
Hummm... the change seems to be listed here:


I appreciate all that you do on this list!!

Thanks for the reply and for your much greater familiarity with this. From the error messages I wasn't thinking that sudo was the problem and I definitely don't look at the changelogs that often. As you know there are hundreds of updates to sid every week. I have been using sid for at least 8 years and have missed this. I've been on Debian User for about that long but am a long way from seeing most of what goes by.

* move secure_path from configure to default sudoers, closes: #85123,

I see that secure_path has been around for over 10 years. I was not familiar with it. None of my reading from the above and related searches tells me whether I should be using sudo for aptitude and if there is a secure way to do this.

Thanks for any further help or references,


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